Day 0: 100 Days of code.


I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve posted last but I wanted to get back into it. I feel like I wanted to post something and to challenge myself. So I guess for the next 100 days I will embark on the journey of coding each day.

I will try and get a blog post out for every day, and keep you guys posted!

Just recently I recieved my front-end development certificate from Freecodecamp, so I guess by their standards I am a front-end developer already. However if I want my websites looking peng, and not as bad as they currently look, I still need lots and lots of practice. I now embark on the data visualisation and react projects. I’ve already dabbled in a bit of react. However I haven’t really looked at things like Redux/Flux and plus I still can’t write a proper back-end. I really want to get stuck into databases and back-end work. I can already code in Java and Python, but I would like to learn some Node.js/PHP. I would also like to develop an application in each of the languages I can write a backend in. Java being one of my favourite languages. I’ve signed up for another hackathon in a couple of weeks, so that is another thing to look forward to and get stuck into.

System.out.println(“See ya tomorrow, I’m out.”);


Hello World!

This will be my first blog post that I have written, it’s one thing that I have always wanted to try and now I am stepping out of my comfort zone to give it a shot. So here it is:

A Hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. I was luckily given an invitation to this prestigious event, which was all about creating technology, in 36 hours, revolving around ‘Fintech’ in Africa. This allowed me to step out of my comfort zone as I haven’t really thought about applying technology into the finance sector before this allowed me to hugely develop myself and improve my skill set.

I mean the title of this post is ‘Hackathons’, however I wanted to more broadly talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone. This has been a particular interest of me throughout the past year, after discovering a youtube channel called, ‘Yes Theory’. These guys make insanely good videos and if you’re lacking motivation or need some persuasion I would definitely recommend you go check them out. The most recurring theme within their videos seems to be something along the lines of ‘seek discomfort’. I strongly agree with this statement, and have been exploring this statement over the past year.

I believe that when we step out of our comfort zones, we are able to learn so much. Whether this (in the case of the hackathon) be:
– Meeting new people
– Learning to work in a group
– Learn how to work with new technologies
– Improving your pitching and persuasive ability.
Moreover these new situations give you the opportunity to learn something new and apply it to a real world problem, which in the case of technology is a very useful skill.

This hackathon has definitely opened my eyes to new opportunities and showed me how technology could be successfully applied to something like the financial sector in developing countries and continents such as Africa, as well as giving me the opportunity to meet so many awesomely talented people.

I want to thank the organisers at Angelus Consulting and everyone else who made this event happen!

So I challenge whoever decides to read this post, try something new, step out of your comfort zone and develop yourself!