Day 14: Slow slow day.

Today wasn’t a very good day. I have a lot on my mind currently and I’m not handling it too well. But I will get through it. I hope to get an update out to you tomorrow.


Day 13: Python and books!

Well today has been not a very productive day… I read some more of ‘Cracking the coding Interview’, It’s a really good book and I would recommend it to any, recruiter or applicant alike. I mean it has so many different types of problem that you can solve as well. So I guess for anyone who wants to get good at solving problems, I would also recommend it to them. Other than that I have also been brushing up on my coding skills in python and have also starting doing more and more LeetCode questions.

I guess I promise that tomorrow I will finish my last React Challenge, I should be able to find the time to do it. I will hopefully have plenty of time.

That’s it for now.


Day 12: Lectures, Cover Letters and Learning Python

Well today was a busy day at uni, I had a couple of lectures, and I was introduced to many new concepts especially in the mathematical field. I really need to go over those notes, many times and I will slowly get them. But this year won’t be easy! Maths is a hard subject to study. But I guess I knew that before I had even started.

Anyway I also have to keep applying for jobs for my year in industry, so I am constantly thinking, reading and writing cover letters to try to improve them!

Moreover for the upcoming interviews I am going to have I am focusing on learning python really well. So I have decided to read the book,’Data Structures and Algorithms in Python’ from cover to cover, such that I understand some fundamental algorithms and data structures. Otherwise all of my interviews will go really badly. Before this I haven’t ever really looked much into Algorithms and Data Structures so this will be fun and an opportunity to learn loads….

anyways I will update you tomorrow, post.close();

Day 11: Writing some python and getting back into software engineering…

Well I guess today marked the start of my second year of university. So I will probably stop doing so much front-end development. However I still want to finish the freecodecamp curriculum. I guess it will just take longer to complete fully. But today I spent some time solving project eulers, I think I completed two. They were relatively easy, but they still took some thinking. I’m currently stuck on one which has to do with the Euler-totient function, which is always fun, but I now need to find a way to quickly prime factorise a number. Otherwise the way I am doing it, is way too slow and won’t really get me an answer fast enough.

I reckon the next 88 days of coding will most likely be more focused on learning software engineering and maths, rather than front-end development. However I might still carry it on. It is quite a fun skill to have, it’s very creative and also something different from all this hardcore coding, that the software development world requires.

Stay tuned for some problem solving and delving into some more complicated notions!


Day 10: More react and roguelike dungeon crawler…

Well today I spent more time coding the rogue like dungeon crawler game for the React front-end projects. I spent time adding all the different cases for the collisions with the player. For example what would happen when they collided with a weapon or a bit of health etc.. So that was fun. Then I spent the rest of the day doing a mock interview on pramp. I mean if you need practice interview help, please go check them out. It’s a great platform where you learn how to interact with your peer. Moreover it’s a peer-to-peer platform, so most of the skill levels are very well matched, and there’s a good selection of questions that they choose from. So it’s very good practice. Finally I did another Euler, from . This is a great website if you’re looking for more mathematical style questions to answer with coding. Lot’s of different styles of questions and the learning curve is also nice and steep. So it’s very challenging. Anyways it’s late and I’m tired so I will have to catch you later!


Day 9: React & Map generating algorithms…

Well I guess this is my 10th day, as I did start on day 0. I’m not sure why but it now makes my 100th day of coding end up on day 99. Oh well I guess I will just have to do one more day and I will get to 101 days of coding… I’m a 10th of the way there! Woooop, 9 more sections of the same size to go! I’m buzzing to get started on the backend section of FreeCodeCamp, I’m not sure why but I think I will enjoy that part, a lot more than just front-end development/data visualisation. Although I do find React particularly fun… Moreover I have been planning to write my own blog for eons, and I guess with all that backend knowledge and hopefully some MongoDB I will be able to store my posts somewhere, but we will see. That is still someway in the future…

So after a while of developing this map generation algorithm. I think I’m quite happy with it. So lets walk through it.
First what I did was design a boundary for the random point generation. Essentially in the long term these points will be developing into ‘nodes’, i.e. the point but with some radius docked onto it, so it looks more like a circle. Therefore we want these nodes to be somewhat more centralised, to ensure that we have a boundary of walls around the side of the map. Then after this step, I added the radius to each node, such that I was generating five to six points on this map. Then after this was working quite well, I added a function to connect each node to its closest two neighbours. I mean I could have chosen more, but the more you add the more complex it gets, and the less walled off space you have. Given a certain area of map and such like. So I thought it would be best if I kept it to just the nearest two. This difference was calculated using “Pythagoras’ theorem”. After I did that the map was basically done, I just had to figure out how best to render the map using React. I then added all the various other parts of the game onto the map, albeit randomly generated. These parts included things like extra weapons, more health-points and monsters…

Now I have to add the functionality to each of these extra parts and then I am basically done with this game. Which I guess will the last of the React projects, but I will definitely be coming back to React and front-end development.



Day 8. Welcome to the Rogue like dungeon crawler game

Today I started the roguelike dungeon crawler game. It’s actually much harder than I thought it would be originally. However I guess I am making it much harder than it actually seems. I am trying to make an algorithm that automatically generates a map based on caves. All of this is getting coded in JavaScript more specifically React, but it isn’t that language that is making it difficult, it is the algorithm. So far I have got an algorithm that works basically, but the cave system generated looks ugly and doesn’t really work properly. So I will spend a lot of tomorrow trying to improve this. Otherwise the game will be unplayable. I’m not feeling too well today, so I will keep this one short and go into more detail about the algorithm tomorrow!

Anyways that is it for now.


Day 7. D3 here we go!

Only a short post today, I am shattered and don’t have the nerve to go into much detail. I spent a long time today messing around with D3, trying to get the axis and coloring of the axis to work. But I’ve now decided to move back to React projects after spending quite a while on this D3 project. However I will come back to D3 and master it!


Day 6: Taking a break.

Hello, today I didn’t really do any coding… I moved into my new university accomodation, ready for my next year to start next week. This meant I didn’t really have any time to do any coding today, and I will have to resume my days of coding tomorrow. I can’t really do much about this. It’s not that I didn’t do anything today, I did have a think about web development and further… so it wasn’t completely useless. I also listened to the first episode of Reactive. This was definitely quite interesting and posed some interesting questions and opinions.

So I will see you tomorrow with my next blog post.

Until then.

See you then..

Day 5. D3 more D3 and more D3

Well Hello to you to!

I spent the whole day watching guides on D3.js. I mean I did some non-programming related things as well but I spent most of my time trying to actually get to grips with D3. It’s not as hard as I thought but have a solid foundation of JavaScript and mainly JQuery, I think helps quite a lot. This is because D3’s style is very much similar to JQuery, lots of the array manipulation and such like is hidden and abstracted by D3, but I guess this gives you lots more time to try and focus on the data visualisation. Which is the most important part of the code that you will be writing with D3.js, right?

I also found an interesting ngo project on the freecodecamp forums that might be quite interesting to take part in… I made the slack channel for it and we will see how it progresses in time. I might spend some time writing about it here, might not. I probably will, if it’s interesting and there’s lots to learn, then why wouldn’t I. It would also be quite a fun challenge and seems like a very interesting project. However the technology stack that is currently being using seems to be quite hard. It’s all PHP and SQL, and a bit of pure JS on the client side. Ideally I would rewrite the client side into React.js. Just because I’m most familiar with this as a frontend framework. I’m also currently practicing it and I really like REACT. I find it very fun to develop in…

Anyway peeps,

Catch you on the other side.