Day 1

Hi Readers,

I have now finished my second day in my #100daysofcode challenge. Today wasn’t great, I really struggled with lots of things. Firstly I had a problem whenever I tried running “`npm start“`. That took me quite a while to try and fix. Then after that I tried coding the Recipe Box challenge of Freecodecamp. However I wasn’t sure how to do the popup window neither did I know how to do the collapsing list. So I spent some time learning about these two things and found some bootstrap libraries which I could use for the Modal (which is the popup window essentially).

Moreover I tried to gain access to Upwork again, however I keep getting denied, I’m not sure why, but I will keep persisting. I really want to finish the recipe box by tomorrow so I can move onto something more interesting!

Thank you for reading this post, I mean it’s quite boring but I feel I made some basic progress!


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