Day 11: Writing some python and getting back into software engineering…

Well I guess today marked the start of my second year of university. So I will probably stop doing so much front-end development. However I still want to finish the freecodecamp curriculum. I guess it will just take longer to complete fully. But today I spent some time solving project eulers, I think I completed two. They were relatively easy, but they still took some thinking. I’m currently stuck on one which has to do with the Euler-totient function, which is always fun, but I now need to find a way to quickly prime factorise a number. Otherwise the way I am doing it, is way too slow and won’t really get me an answer fast enough.

I reckon the next 88 days of coding will most likely be more focused on learning software engineering and maths, rather than front-end development. However I might still carry it on. It is quite a fun skill to have, it’s very creative and also something different from all this hardcore coding, that the software development world requires.

Stay tuned for some problem solving and delving into some more complicated notions!


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