Day 12: Lectures, Cover Letters and Learning Python

Well today was a busy day at uni, I had a couple of lectures, and I was introduced to many new concepts especially in the mathematical field. I really need to go over those notes, many times and I will slowly get them. But this year won’t be easy! Maths is a hard subject to study. But I guess I knew that before I had even started.

Anyway I also have to keep applying for jobs for my year in industry, so I am constantly thinking, reading and writing cover letters to try to improve them!

Moreover for the upcoming interviews I am going to have I am focusing on learning python really well. So I have decided to read the book,’Data Structures and Algorithms in Python’ from cover to cover, such that I understand some fundamental algorithms and data structures. Otherwise all of my interviews will go really badly. Before this I haven’t ever really looked much into Algorithms and Data Structures so this will be fun and an opportunity to learn loads….

anyways I will update you tomorrow, post.close();

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