Day 5. D3 more D3 and more D3

Well Hello to you to!

I spent the whole day watching guides on D3.js. I mean I did some non-programming related things as well but I spent most of my time trying to actually get to grips with D3. It’s not as hard as I thought but have a solid foundation of JavaScript and mainly JQuery, I think helps quite a lot. This is because D3’s style is very much similar to JQuery, lots of the array manipulation and such like is hidden and abstracted by D3, but I guess this gives you lots more time to try and focus on the data visualisation. Which is the most important part of the code that you will be writing with D3.js, right?

I also found an interesting ngo project on the freecodecamp forums that might be quite interesting to take part in… I made the slack channel for it and we will see how it progresses in time. I might spend some time writing about it here, might not. I probably will, if it’s interesting and there’s lots to learn, then why wouldn’t I. It would also be quite a fun challenge and seems like a very interesting project. However the technology stack that is currently being using seems to be quite hard. It’s all PHP and SQL, and a bit of pure JS on the client side. Ideally I would rewrite the client side into React.js. Just because I’m most familiar with this as a frontend framework. I’m also currently practicing it and I really like REACT. I find it very fun to develop in…

Anyway peeps,

Catch you on the other side.


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