Day 2, react react and more react.

Hi All,

Well today I’ve cracked on with a lot of react. I got past the problems I had yesterday and I feel like I made a lot of progress. I feel like I can now finish this project tomorrow, which will be good. I feel like the game of life shouldn’t be too hard. Of course it will be difficult, but how hard can it actually be? First lets finish the recipe box project. I firstly had to learn about all the localstorage and how that will work. I feel like I have a good grasp of that concept now and should be able to use it more freely and usefully. Moreover I feel more and more confident with react, day by day I learn more and become more comfortable with using it. It really is a great framework for JavaScript. I especially like ES6. Moreover facebook just recently released a post that states that they will release their framework (React) under the MIT license (i think). Here is the link This is actually quite cool as before hand it had been released under the BSD + patents license. This meant that anyone who uses their framework and tries to sue facebook, for whatever reason, has a very poor case and most likely will lose. Moreover if the company who has coded their software in React, will seem less attractive to companies like google and microsoft, as this will disallow them to to sue Facebook as well. However this on the other hand has made lots of companies shy away from using react. Hence why PREACT and Infernojs were really born.

I feel like this blog has made it’s two cents.

See you tomorrow for some more React Updates!


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