Day 20: I’ve completed 20 days!

Well I’ve completed a 5th of the project thus far, I mean it’s a lot further than I thought I would make it originally. I mean I had a couple of days here and there where I couldn’t really code/write a blog post. I mean these things are unavoidable, so I guess I tried my best. But at least every day that I can publish/code I do. Currently at the moment I am focused on problem solving in python, and also learning some more D3js. I finally get it after going through the FreeCodeCamp beta tutorial. I mean the non beta, is definitely not satisfactory, but the beta version is good. There are loads of bugs, but the content is juicy. I love it. It’s also really easy to follow and to progress quickly! I basically whipped up a very basic scatter graph in a bout a couple of minutes (maybe 20 or so at the max.) I hope I will get this finished over the weekend and then progress onto the heat map. I think that could be really interesting and fun actually. It poses many new challenges, and is completely different to the bar/scatter graphs that I have already done!

Anyways I’m off for tonight.


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