Day 3. Recipe box complete!

Hi all!

Welcome to the fourth day of 100 days of code. Yes the title is confusing, but guess what I’m a computer scientist, and so I start counting at 0. Not really but I thought just for the fun of this series I thought I would start counting at 0… It’s actually quite annoying because I had to think about what day I was writing about. From that point of view it’s actually quite annoying. However today has been a good day!

I have completed, at least the logic part of my recipe box application. So it all works quite smoothly now. I’m actually alright at coding in react now, I mean I am by no means an expert, but I’m getting the basic grasps of it now. I just need to work a lot on some of my front end designing. It’s very poor. For this I guess I just need to spend some time designing all my projects… For this I need to get the basic grasps of image editing software namely GIMP. It’s free and opensource. Moreover it also runs on linux which is the operating system I am currently running. Not many other photo editing softwares run on linux so I’m not left with much choice. But GIMP is very good, it’s actually quite a good photoshop alternative.

The next challenge that I have been presented by the freecodecamp community is the replication of the game of life. See the link for details on what the game of life is.

I made good progress with this application, however I have already run into my first road block. It seems that every iteration that is currently completed, all the cells are dead within the first iteration…I guess I will have a look at this tomorrow.


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